Sex tips in Thailand – Part one – Introduction

Posted on October 13, 2011


sex thai part one

Sex tour in Thailand first part, what you need to know.

Before talking about “sex” and specifically in detail of these Thai sex specialty (one article per subject), it is essential to agree on the purpose of the process. From the time the participants are consenting adults so we talk about it here on this blog … pedophiles there is nothing for you here, go burn in hell!

Let remain between adults who love sex in respect of each others. Gentlemen you are going to have sex as you ever had in your life. But for your good is better that you follow our tips and advices, because Thailand trip can turn nightmare. About sex in Thailand everything is possible, despite the fact that prostitution is officially banned, is a large discrepancy, you will see a large part of the economy is related to sex. (In some area)

We will also talk about not sex-money services; there are not just prostitutes in Thailand! All aspects of sex will be discussed. I spent several years in Thailand; I decided to share my experiences in the form of tips and advices on this blog.

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So the first tip it’s Condom, put in your suitcase a good supply of condoms. Even if you find the brand “Durex” in Thailand, they are not the same as in others country, especially size and inferior quality. Indeed the sex gel by Durex such costs nothing there! And it is the same. You have to believe me about this. I was in Malaysia on visa trip, when I saw my favorite condom brand, that was exactly the same package as it was sold in Thailand, same image on it, it was also a very good prices, so I bought 4 box of each contain 12 condoms, back to Thailand I was surprise that actually inside the quality was much better! So I manage to get my condom from Malaysia or Euopr but not in Thailand during all those years I was living there.

Sex in the land of smiles is very accessible and inexpensive. No need to talk about moral, what is good what is not, leave that to hypocrites. “The women that you give money for sex, it’s women that will cost you the less” Sacha Guitry

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Tips for Men 

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