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Posted on January 18, 2012


glan7 review

A video on Youtube in 2D animation of a penis that smells fishy! They had dared broach the subject, rather successfully, in a humorous they explained the role of bacteria between the glans and the foreskin. Glan7 a lotion that removes odors from the penis, well mostly the smell that it is true reminiscent of rotten fish. Be honest,  it has happened to you? In our team and our circle of good friends for more than half admit to having had this smell especially appears in a wrong time ( foreplay). So there is the Glan7 review.

glan7 review

glan7 review Tips for Man

The fishy smell on the penis an important topic even if is funny, we could not miss to test it. We order on the website some vial of Glan7. One of us was eager to test it, he told us that this was 3 years that this problem was recurring with his penis, a foul smell of fish could turn back into his nostrils while he urinated standing up. We shall call “John”, obsessed with this flaw in his hygiene to the point where he explains that his penis does not smell bad just a few minutes after a shower and then at other times the smell is there, especially at the end the day.

So “John” who sticks to the folder “Glan7 review”, he took a bottle and two of us did the same. In the evening they all check the odor of their penis by rubbing the finger on the glans penis ! we have no lab with sophisticated machines so that is old school !!! First result with John after 24 hrs, judging to his big smile on his face the test is certainly effective! John can see that almost the smell is vanish after one application, and after the seconde day the fishy smell is completly been elimanated. John’s penis  back to his normal smell, he don’t even believe it ! It’s easy and it works! The bottles of this lotion goes from hand to hand, everyone wants to try it. The Glan7 review for us is a good deal. I guess John will not anymore stress during sexual intercourse!

To be honest we do not think that this product really eliminates that smell! But it did work. More information go to

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